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Project manager

Number of recruits:4
job description

Job Responsibilities:


1. Fully be responsible for the daily management work of the public part of the company's projects, such as safety, fire protection, cleaning, facility and equipment maintenance, vehicle management, and file management;

2. Responsible for property team formation, personnel recruitment, daily personnel management and training;

3. Responsible for the annual and monthly revenue and expenditure budgets of the service center, and organize the implementation of various energy-saving and consumption-reducing measures to control costs;

4. Properly and promptly handle all kinds of complaints, maintain the relationship between the owners, and make statistics, analysis, processing or return visits on a regular basis

5. Make overall arrangements for the property's annual, quarterly and monthly work plans, and evaluate the work results;


Job requirements:


1. Cheerful, friendly, college degree or above;

2.2 years of management experience in property managers or project managers

2. Possess temporary incident handling capabilities and team management capabilities

4. Have a sense of customer service, strong pressure-bearing ability and execution

5. Possess a certain conflict management ability, and is familiar with the relevant laws and regulations of the property