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Safety engineer

Number of recruits:2
job description



1. Responsible for the safety supervision and control of the construction party and the supervisor by the project construction party, and supervise the implementation of safety rectification on the construction site;

2. Responsible for the construction of the dual prevention mechanism for project safety in production, and implement the hierarchical control and safety responsibility list;

3. Responsible for the safety performance evaluation of the project, do a good job in the compilation and filing of safety management materials;

4. Strictly implement the safety and environmental protection management system and requirements of the country, group, and company and conduct training to complete the special safety and environmental protection work assigned by the regional platform.


Job requirements:


1. Graduated from safety management, civil engineering and other real estate development related majors, bachelor degree or above;

2. Have more than 1 year of construction safety management experience, be able to identify hazards and organize and implement control measures;

3. Good communication skills and problem-solving skills, proficient in using Office software, strong sense of responsibility at work, and strong teamwork skills;

4. Hold a national registered safety engineer certificate and related safety management certificates.