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Legal Manager

Number of recruits:2
job description

Job Responsibilities:


1. Assist in drafting and standardizing various contract texts;

2. Provide relevant legal advice to other departments;

3. Participate in the negotiation and review of the company's relevant contracts;

4. Handling labor disputes and various lawsuits;

5. Responsible for file management related to the company's legal affairs;

6. Complete other tasks assigned by the leader in time.


Job requirements:


1. A full-time university degree or above majoring in law;

2. Possess solid civil law, civil procedure law and arbitration system, economic law, commercial law and other relevant legal professional knowledge and practical application ability;

3. Possess the actual operational capabilities of the company's internal legal risk management;

4. Have good logical thinking ability, judgment ability, communication ability, planning and execution ability, organization, coordination ability and written expression ability;

5. Possess good work dedication and professional ethics;

6. Proficiency in operating Office software;

7. Have more than 5 years of practice experience in a law firm, or more than 3 years of legal management work experience in a large real estate company