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Financial manager

Number of recruits:2
job description

Job Responsibilities


1. According to the company's overall development strategy, fully preside over the financial management and internal control of the real estate business, and provide financial analysis and decision-making basis for the company's business development;

2. According to the company's accounting system requirements, carry out daily accounting processing, company tax reporting and other tax-related matters;

3. Prepare financial statements related to real estate business, submit various financial statements in a timely manner, and cooperate with various audits;

4. Responsible for cost management related to real estate business, and conduct cost forecasting, control, accounting, analysis and assessment;

5. Keep abreast of relevant national financial policies, keep abreast of the company's development status and needs, and put forward plans and suggestions on company taxation;

6. Responsible for coordinating the work connection among various groups in the department;




1. Bachelor degree or above, finance-related major, intermediate accountant, with more than five years of experience in the same position or more than three years of experience in the same position in a real estate company;

2. Ability to fully assume various responsibilities of finance and auditing, and make timely and accurate assessments of economic business;

3. Familiar with national finance, taxation, auditing and other relevant laws and policies;

4. Good communication skills, analytical skills and problem-solving skills;

5. Possess team spirit, credibility and stability.