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Person in charge of project cost

Number of recruits:4
job description

Job responsibilities:

1. Pre-management: prepare the full cost target cost of the project in the early stage of construction; prepare cost planning, carry out special plan calculation, and compare and select multiple plans; complete the target cost report and review.

2. Process control:

(1) Preparation of project contract planning, decomposition and implementation; preparation of dynamic ledger, timely reflection of on-site costs through offline statistics, online system operations, etc., and use of professional knowledge to reasonably predict costs and make quasi-dynamic costs , So that it has guiding significance for the progress of on-site engineering;

(2) Communicate and coordinate both parties A and B and the project department, sort out the contracts and expenses incurred on the site and understand them clearly, discover project cost-related issues in time, implement early warning and monitoring measures, and provide professional advice on cost early warning subjects. Pre-control, reduce costs;

(3) Collect full cost dynamic cost data, establish a cost database, conduct cost control optimization or cost adaptation analysis on site, and provide real and effective cost control or optimization cases;

3. Cost evaluation: conduct cost analysis and evaluation at important nodes such as project opening and first batch capping; prepare evaluation report after full cost settlement; conduct cost optimization and analysis from the perspective of project operation.




1. Bachelor degree or above, major in engineering cost, engineering management, etc.

2.3 years of experience in project cost control for real estate companies or construction units, and once presided over the cost management of a large real estate project

3. Holder of a registered cost engineer qualification certificate is preferred

4. Have a comprehensive knowledge of engineering cost theory and be familiar with market prices

5. Familiar with office software and related project pre-settlement software

6. Have good business negotiation skills and communication and coordination skills