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Senior Front-end Engineer

Number of recruits:2
job description

Job Responsibilities:


1. Responsible for the web front-end research and development of large systems, and can ensure the stability of the service;

2. Participate in technology selection, promote application and development work, and support platform architecture design and development work;

3. Improve the overall user experience of the system and promote the development of front-end technology;

4. To improve team development efficiency, refine public components, and create practical tools;

5. Optimize existing business and development process;

6. Focus on front-end development and apply industry new technologies;

7. Team effectiveness management;


Job requirements:


1. Have more than 3 years of front-end development work experience, and have systematic front-end architecture design experience;

2. Familiar with mainstream Javascript frameworks such as Vue, React, Angular, APICloud, etc., have unique insights into the scope of their application and their pros and cons, and can develop component extensions to them;

3. Proficient in mobile h5 page development, and have a certain grasp of mobile hybrid applications;

4. Familiar with canvas and webGL three.js is a plus;

5. Good at communication, good document writing skills, oral communication skills, good team spirit, good abstract thinking, rational technical decisions, and risk control awareness;

6. Have a good sense of software engineering, and have a full understanding of data structure and algorithm design;

7. Have good communication skills and teamwork spirit;